Sustainability : From the field to fashion

It becomes more and more important to care for our earth. That is why we work together with another Belgian company that provides sustainable fabrics.

The clothing meets the expectations of five certifications: The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), The Global Recycle Standard (GRS), PETA, OEKO TEX and The Organic Content Standard (OCS)

Organic 100 Standard

The Rebel t-shirts are made of certified organic cotton grown without the use of any chemical product, such as pesticides or insecticides. This can be harmful for the environment and the health of the laborers.

Global Recycled Standard

The sweatshirts and hoodies are a combination of organic cotton and recycled polyester from PET bottles to counter plastic waste.

 Organic Textile Standard

The energy consumption for the dyeing process is reduced by mixing 50% recycled cotton in color and natural raw cotton which produces a natural look. This reduces the energy consumption and does not need harmful chemicals for the dyeing process.

Peta approved vegan

Not only is Rebel sustainable, but also vegan! Our clothing is PETA-certified and therefore, no animal tests or animal products are involved during the production process. The fabrics are made from 100% organic cotton and the polyester, used as reinforcement in the hoodies, joggings and sweatshirts, is made from recycled PET-bottles.  

Oeko-Tex Standard 100

All our consumer products are free from chemicals or heavy metals and certified by OEKO-TEX, which is a safety standard to prevent harmful substances in fabrics.

Vegan verified eurofins

The ink that is used to print our logos and graphics is also vegan verified. We do not use silicones or other animal derived substances to produce our inks and colors.

With these certifications Rebel wants to encourage vegan fashion. Since the fashion industry is known for their animal-unfriendly reputation, we want to be a brand that stands out. Firstly, we do that by using vegan products and secondly, we have created a young, cool and fun collection to spread more awareness of vegan fashion.

Rebel stands for uniqueness and wants to make people more aware of our surroundings. Sustainability is one of them. That is why Rebel wants to pave a way to a more eco-friendly environment by providing clothing that is fashionable, fare and sustainable. :)