About us

Who we are

Today Rebel 2.0 is more than a fashion brand, it is a way of life.

We are a community where you can be part of something bigger. A brand that focuses on sensitive subjects and thinks outside the box. We want to raise awareness around different taboos through fashion and speech on digital platforms and social media. After all, one of the most powerful ways of communication is through apparel.

The world is fucked up but why not be a rebel and have fun turning this upside down? Many are drowning in taboos, the feeling of loneliness and disappointment affects all of us …

A ‘REBEL MOVEMENT’ who wants to break the bubble today’s society is living in. We are building a bridge, fixing the gap between the different worlds using our freedom of speech through fun designs with a deeper meaning hidden. Rebel makes the invisible visible.

We are ‘Rebel With A Cause’. All designs that include themes around taboos, e.g. "Use Your Broccoli Brains" will donate 10% of the profit to charities and non-profit organisations. We stand for entrepreneurship with a heart where we give back to the community.
Our collections are sustainable, using 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester. We want to be part of a better world. Even you, the one reading this, can contribute to a better world.

A ‘SUSTAINABLE REBEL’ who also pays attention to from what the materials are made and in what circumstances. The clothing is made from organic cotton and polyester made from recycled PET bottles. We can also proudly say that Rebel carries a VEGAN certificate since none of our materials are exposed to animal products or tests on animals. However, sustainability does not only encompass the origin of the products but also the circumstances the clothing is made. That is why we ensure that everything is fair trade, and every co-producer earns his fair share in a pleasant working environment.


Are you ready to be a rebel?